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Reports designed to close deals.

Quickly generate inspection reports that display social proof to help seal the deal.

How it works

It's not a report. It's a Sales Page.

They might look like a report to the homeowner, but the anatomy of a Sales Page is designed to sell unlike a report which is just a method of documenting your findings.

Showcase the problem

Step one, is to frame the problem so that the homeowner wants to take action and find a solution. Sales Pages do this by effectively communicating the problem visually with a summary report & photos.

Provide a solution

Once the homeowner feels the pain in step one they proceed to find a solution. Luckily for the homeowner, you can provide them with the solution. Whether it's an insurance claim or retail job.

Prove you're the one

After the homeowner is aware of the problem and solution, the last decision they need to make is to decide "who" to work with. Homeowners are looking for social proof to reassure them that they can trust you to do the work.

How to use it

The Swiss-Army knife of sales tools.

Sales Pages are a tool that can be leverage in many different ways.

Lead Magnet

Homeowners are numb to the same old Free Inspection. Generate more leads by enhancing your offer by including a "Digital Roof Analysis" (Sales Page) with every Free Inspection.

Closing Time

Grab final photos on the roof put together a Sales Page in our app in under 1min before climbing down. Display the Sales Page to the homeowner to satisfy Problem > Solution > Social Proof and close the deal on the spot.


Maybe you inspected but one spouse was not available which resulted in not being able to close on the spot. Send the Sales Page URL to the homeowner to review with their spouse so you can win them over without having to drive back.

Virtual Close

Sometimes the property owner is on vacation or lives in another State. Easily create a Sales Page to effectively communicate the Problem > Solution > Social Proof 100% virtually.

Support Claims

Sales Pages are also a very convenient way to communicate to adjusters with your inspection findings without having to create PDF's or emails that have attachments too big to send.

Referral Relationships

Any time a referral partner (Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, etc) sends you a referral, send them back a Sales Page to effectively communicate your inspection findings.

Help make sales easier for your team.

Try it out for free – upgrade later.

For the reps who use the app, it really saves them time and makes it easier to follow-up and nurture their leads.
Kody Randlett
Vice President, Kris Konstruction

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