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Kris Konstruction

A Multi-Service Contractor in Multiple Service Area's

Web Design / SEO
February, 2024
Roofing & Solar

Client Challenges

Since its establishment in 1990, Kris Konstruction has grown into a reputable General Contractor, serving six states in the Mid-Atlantic region with an array of services, including remodeling, solar installations, and one-day bath renovations, among others. However, their digital footprint has been predominantly focused on the Mid-Atlantic area, leading to a lack of representation for their operations in Florida online. The current website does not feature the necessary local service pages or content required to forge a strong online presence in the Florida market, which has negatively impacted their Google rankings and significantly reduced the influx of business from the website in that region.

Our Solution

Recognizing the complexity of Kris Konstruction's existing site, we developed a dedicated website for their Florida operations to focus on building a strong online presence there, without affecting their Mid-Atlantic services. We chose a sub-domain to maintain branding and leverage domain authority. Our strategy focused on Product, Price, and Credibility, with content highlighting services, instant estimates, and transparent pricing, alongside showcasing licenses, insurance, testimonials, and reviews for credibility. For effective local SEO, we created local service pages for areas like Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Tampa under each service category, avoiding the common mistake of listing all locations on a single page. Adhering to building websites from scratch ensured fast load times and responsive design, with a simple, clean look aimed at providing information efficiently and serving as a tool for business growth and revenue generation.