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RAM Exteriors

Expanded Reach Beyond Local 5 Mile Radius

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Client Challenges

RAM Exteriors, a well-known local business with a strong presence within 5 miles of their base, faced challenges while trying to expand their reach. Despite dominating the local market, their lead generation struggled as they sought to extend their services to a broader 15-20 mile radius. This ambition underscored the need for digital strategies to transcend geographical limits and attract more customers. Consequently, they sought our help to boost their online presence and gain a competitive advantage in areas outside their immediate vicinity.

Our Solution

To tackle RAM Exteriors' expansion challenge, we developed a targeted solution to enhance their website and SEO strategies. We replaced generic location pages with Local Service Pages for specific services in targeted areas, necessitating a website content overhaul to make it more informative and authoritative, boosting RAM Exteriors' industry standing and Google ranking. For SEO, we linked their Google Business Profile to each Local Service Page with distinct products for every service, using direct URL links. This made it easier for potential customers to find services, significantly increasing online visibility and lead generation beyond their usual 5-mile radius.