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Home Source Roofing

Kickstart Web Presence for a New Roofing Company

Web Design
July, 2023

Client Challenges

Home Source Roofing initially established their digital footprint with a DIY website created on Squarespace. Although aesthetically pleasing, the site experienced significant performance challenges. A major concern was the prolonged load times, with pages taking up to 20.1 seconds to fully display. This issue stemmed from oversized files and an excessive amount of page requests, a typical pitfall of self-service website platforms which may look good on the surface but often fall short in efficiency and optimization. As a fledgling business, Home Source Roofing struggled to secure a strong position in the competitive local marketplace, beginning with a barely noticeable online presence.

Our Solution

At Tradefront, we custom-build each website from scratch for peak performance and speed, crucial for a favorable Google ranking. For Home Source Roofing, we designed a site that loads quickly and meets Google's ranking factors. The redesign emphasized simplicity and clarity, boosting user experience while focusing on functionality and revenue. By adhering to design principles, we created an easy-to-navigate interface that improves conversion rates. A strong local SEO strategy was essential, enhancing their sitemap and content for topical authority and adding pages for local services to address common contractor website flaws. Additionally, we enriched the site with detailed product information, instant quotes, and credibility indicators like licensing and social proof.