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5 Secrets To Win More Roofing Jobs

Written by
The Tradefront Team
Published on
January 6, 2023

Instantly start to win more jobs by implementing these 5 secret strategies the top roofing sales reps are using.

  1. Create a more enticing offer
  2. Leverage a Sales Aid
  3. Virtual/Follow-up close
  4. Support claims
  5. Referral relationships

Secret #1) Generate more leads by creating a more enticing offer.

The original “Free Roof Inspection” has been the lead magnet every roofer has used from day 1. While it may generate leads, what if you could generate even more leads without knocking more doors?

The performance of your lead magnet all comes down the the “offer” that you provide the homeowner in exchange for their contact info and the opportunity to inspect their roof. In order to generate more leads per the same amount of doors knocked, you’ll need to increase the value of the offer.

So how do we increase the value of our offer?

Remember, our current offer is the “Free Roof Inspection”. So what could we add to our offer to increase the value of a Free Roof Inspection?

Let me introduce you to the Digital Roof Analysis (click here to view an example). It’s a fancy term for a Roof Inspection Report that you can deliver to the homeowner with every roof inspection which increases the value of your offer.

Currently, when the roofer drives away the homeowner is empty handed. Now they get to receive a Digital Roof Analysis which increases the perceived value of your offer and increases the amount of leads you can generate with the same level of effort.

This isn’t ground breaking. We’ve always had the ability to create roof inspection reports, however, the amount of time and energy needed to create these stop most roofers from ever creating such report.

Why were these reports time consuming? Because you have to take pictures on your phone, send to your laptop, open up a word document, format all the photos, type your report, open your email, attach the report, and send to the homeowners email that they won’t even check anyways.

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution that makes it quick & easy to create a Digital Roof Analysis in 1 minute with very low effort.

Thankfully, the Tradefront app is available for all roofers today. It’s an app that roofers can use to upload photos from the inspection and quickly generate a beautiful formatted report instantly. No more PDF’s, simply share the URL via text, email, etc.

By the way, the free version of the app does everything you need to immediately provide you with the power to increase the value of your offer to start generating more leads.

If you want to try it out, here’s the link to download Apple & Android.

Secret #2) Close more deals at the point of sale by leveraging a sales aid.

After you implemented Strategy #1 to generate more leads, it’s time to increase that closing ratio so you don’t leave so many deals on the table.

The “Point of Sale” for roofers is after you confirm roof damage and climb down off the roof and it’s time to close the deal. Whether this is a retail deal or an insurance claim, this is the turning point that decides whether or not the homeowner wants to proceed with you as their contractor or not.

When you are face to face with the homeowner trying to close the deal, are you using any type of sales aid? A presentation or some sort of visual to help communicate to the homeowner?

Most roofing sales reps do not use a sales aid when trying to close and they rely solely on a verbal close which is hurting their full potential.

As you can see below, 65% of people are visual learners. This means they process information through visuals unlike 30% who can process information from listening to your pitch.

No homeowner is going to proceed with you if any part of the process is fuzzy. So if you’re verbally closing a homeowner who needs to process information visually, it’s going to be real hard to close them. Homeowners only proceed when they understand everything clearly, otherwise they remain put as a safe choice when things aren’t clear.

This means if you’re trying to close without a visual aid, you’re taking a huge bet that you can effectively communicate a clear picture to the homeowner every single time. Even then, you’re only capitalizing on 30% of the population that process information by listened but are leaving out the other 65% of the population who process information by seeing.

So what can a roofer use as a visual aid to help increase their closing rates?

In many other industries sales reps will enter a sales meeting prepared with a presentation, however, that is not always feasible for a roofer since we don’t even know if there’s a sale opportunity until we inspect the roof.

So how could we possibly prepare a visual sales presentation from the time we climb down the roof and knock on the door to let them know they have damage?

The best visual sales aid you could use as a roofer is to follow through on your offer in Strategy #1 and deliver a Digital Roof Analysis which visually showcases the problem, solution, and social proof that you’re the contractor they can trust with 3rd party ratings and reviews.

Secret #3) Virtually close deals when property owners are out town rather than waiting for them to get home.

Thanks to the pandemic, most homeowners have been trained to do work remotely which makes it easy for us to close sales even when the property owner is not available to physically be at the property when you inspect the roof.

This could be for many reasons such as it’s a rental property, the owner is on vacation, the owner is busy running errands, etc.

Traditionally, your only options to close a deal like this was to wait until they get back in town or go back to your computer and type up a report of what you found, what the next steps are, send them links to ratings and reviews so they trust you, maybe even attach some photos of work you’ve done in the area.

Because going back to the computer and creating a report is quite the hassle for many roofing sales reps, it became the roadblock which stopped many reps from closing these leads when property owners were away.

What if you could easily send the property owner all the information they needed from your inspection without much effort and within minutes?

You can now effectively close almost all these leads virtually by sending them a Digital Roof Analysis. By doing so, you can quickly communicate to the lead the damage you found, the solution, and provide the social proof that you’re the contractor they can trust to do the work.

The best strategy for closing a virtual lead like this is to create the Digital Roof Analysis right after you hop down from the roof while you’re still at the property, it only takes 1-2minutes. Send the property owner the link to view the Digital Roof Analysis and hop on a call to review the Digital Roof Analysis together while on the phone. This is practically the same as reviewing your inspection findings with the homeowner when you are face to face right after you climb down the ladder.

This is a tried and true method that has worked not only for me but I’ve seen it work with the sales reps on my team many times. I almost prefer virtual closes because I can close almost 100% of the time. I think when people are on the go, if you can satisfy all their objections quickly they will just move forward with you rather than shop around because they are busy and have other things to do.

Secret #4) Dispute claims on the front-end rather than waiting for a denial (and then struggling to fight it afterwards).

Strategy #4 was provided by a Public Adjuster who suggested to send a Digital Roof Analysis to the desk adjuster immediately following an inspection with a field adjuster / ladder assist, especially when the inspector doesn’t agree with the damages you found.

If you don’t submit your Digital Roof Analysis to the desk adjuster when the ladder assist didn’t find the same damage as you, this will result in the desk adjuster denying the claim or at best approving for some repairs.

We all know this is a tough battle once you’re denied, it’s easier to fight it on the front end before the denial.

So if you submit your Digital Roof Analysis to the desk adjuster before they make their final decision and it doesn’t match up with the field adjusters report, then most times the desk adjuster will call for a reinspection BEFORE denying the claim or settling for repairs.

By disputing the inspection results on the front end, you avoid a lot of trouble that comes with a claim denial or partial approval. First, some homeowners get discouraged after a denial and back out or ghost you. Second, it’s really hard to fight a claim after the initial repair estimate is issued because adjuster move onto new claims and push off doing more work for claims they already closed.

As you know by now, the Tradefront app makes it super quick and easy to create a Digital Roof Analysis. You can create it and share to the adjuster while you’re still on the property because it is so quick and effortless to create.

Secret #5) Treat referral partners like they are your clients.

This last strategy is what helps build referral relationships with Real Estate agents, Insurance Agents, or anyone who is referring you business on a consistent basis.

Anytime a Real Estate agent or an Insurance agent is referring you a homeowner, it’s most likely because it is their own customer too. Since they’re likely to be referring you their customers, it’s important to understand they also have an interest in the project going on

For example, if a Real Estate agent is referring you a roof to look at, it’s likely for a roof on a home one of his clients is looking to sell soon. So the Real Estate agent clearly has interest in this roof project, wouldn’t it make sense to keep them in the loop and treat them like a customer too?

If an Insurance agent refers you a homeowner, it’s probably one of their customers that they insure. So they have an interest in the safety and quality of the home, especially the roof that protects the rest of the home. So wouldn’t it make sense to keep them in the loop?

We can provide elevated service by effectively communicating our findings back to our referral partners (Real Estate agents, Insurance agents, etc) by delivering a Digital Roof Analysis after each inspection they send our way.

They will appreciate the communication, especially when it’s hard for them to find good contractors so you’ll want to prove you’re the one they can continue to count on. You can do this by keeping them in the loop and being as transparent as possible.

It’s quick and easy to create the reports and you can text the Digital Roof Analysis link directly to your referral partner within minutes of completing the inspection.

Luckily for you, there’s a free solution you can try out today.

Sign up for the Tradefront app by clicking these links to your preferred app store: Apple or Android

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