Digital Business Cards

Personalized landing pages to leverage social networks

Provide sales reps with a personal landing page they can use as their digital business card to generate new leads.

Warm leads

Inbound leads are the best leads. They initiated the contact and are much easier to close.

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Generate referrals

Provide current customers with your Rep Page link so they can pass it out to friends, family, and neighbors.

A phone icon.

Digital Business Card

Hand out your unique URL so people have a place to learn more about you before requesting an inspection.

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24/7 Sales Rep

Rep Pages can generate leads 24/7 because they don't go to sleep!

Generate leads

Leverage social networks

Tap into multiple new networks by equipping each sales rep with their own Rep Page. Promote their rep page in their social bio's, include the links in posts, and print QR codes on business cards.

Seamless integration

Sync leads directly into the app

We eliminated double data entry which means when Digital Business Cards generate new leads – you don't need to retype the data into the app. You're ready to inspect and create the roof inspection report.

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